The Spirit of Pesta Sukan

The Festival of Sports - where we learn to be one people.

Pesta Sukan espoused camaraderie and sporting excellence among the people, regardless of race and nationality. It is the first Festival of Sports that took place from 4 to 21 December 1964.

The first edition involved 2,000 sportsmen and included athletics, basketball, boxing, chess, cricket, cycling, football, go-karting, golf, hockey, judo, motor-racing, polo, rugby, sepak-raga (or sepaktakraw as it’s more commonly known today), softball, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling and yachting. After 1965, Pesta Sukan became an annual feature of the National Day celebrations. The 1970s saw the inclusion of activities geared towards family fun and mass participation such as the water carnival (also known as the Sea Carnival), dragon boat races, national walk & jog and cycling events.

As part of our bicentennial commemoration this year, the Pesta Sukan at our GetActive! Singapore will help you show off your athleticism, time travel through our sporting heritage and cheer on your family and friends while they discover their sporting best.

Listen to the Pesta Sukan’s song Semangat Sukan here. Composer: Zubir Said.

Special thanks to National Archives of Singapore for the 1964 Photo Collage

2019 photo credits:
Aidil, Alfie Lee, Andrew Tan, Andy Chua, Andy Pascua, Ayush Basu, Ben Cho, Cheah Cheng Poh, ClubNEO, Dave Poh, David Chew, Derek, Donovan Ho,
Dyan Tjhia, Eishi, Eugene Chiew, Flona Hakim, Foo Tee Fok, Freddy Chew, Hock Woon, Huang Xiaolong, Jianwei Lee, Jillian Lee, Julian Enriquez, Kay Beng Ee, Kelvin Cuff, Lawrence Ang, Leandro Ngo, Lee Yaocheng, Mann Renzef, Mark Teo, Mladen Antonov, Ng Chrong Meng, Odell, Peh Siong San, Philip Au, Ray Chng, SGH Photography, Shaun Ho, Sport Singapore, Stanley Cheah, Stefanus Ian, Suhaimi Abdullah, Suki Singh, Wensheng, Yong Teck Lim