Opening ceremony

The 18th Pencak Silat Championship will be held in Singapore from 13 to 16 December 2018.

Opening ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be held at OCBC Arena Hall 1, Singapore Sports Hub on 13 Dec 2018 7.30pm.



Date / Time Itinerary


Arrival of Guest of Honour (President of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob)


Welcoming Speech by Emcee

Opening Prayer


Marching in of Team Representative & Referee

8:05pm Speech by Organizing Chairman of 18th WPSC 2018
8:10pm Speech by President of International Pencak Silat Federation
8:15pm Athlete’s Pledge
Referee-Jury’s Pledge

Marching out of Team Representative & Referee


Cultural shows & Martial Arts Display


Artistic Silat Display


Striking of Gong by Guest of honour


Keris Mandat Ceremony


Singapore National Anthem
Presentation of Token of Appreciation


Keris Mandat Ceremony

The Keris Mandate Ceremony is a sacred ceremonial decree (istiadat) that symbolises the handing over of the official seal of power to enforce a certain injunction, ordinance or statute. The official seal of power is embodied symbolically in a Kris named ‘Keris Penyalang’ also called ‘Keris Kuasa or Keris Hukum’. Thus, the ceremony is named The ‘Keris Mandate Ceremony’ (Istiadat Keris Mandat).

The ceremony will embody sacred rites from the Palace Royal Ceremonies of the Agong or Sultan.

  1. The Arrival Rites
    • The Announcement – Sounding of Tetuang
    • The Entrance - Silang Hulubalang
    • The Initiation - Kirab Nobat Nafiri
    • The Procession – Kirab Pendatang
  2. The Initiation Rites
    • The Guards – Hormat Penyalang
    • The Welcome - Sembah Salam
    • The Invitation– Bertandang Tamu
  3. The Accession Rites
    • The Mandate (Ijab Qabul) – The Empowerment of Decree
    • The Official Seal of Power – Penyerahan Kuasa
    • The Exit Procession – Kirab Perpisahan